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Sleepless nights?

Hair on pillow and towels?

Hair thinning?

Baldness is making you look older?

The technology has developed and brought us a safe and effective way to restore our hair, which looks Natural.

Get natural looking hair with the new FUE method.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a hair transplant method in which the doctor extracts the follicular units of hair from a ‘ Donor site ‘ dense hair follicles and artistically restores on the ‘ Recipient site ‘ with no or less hair.

FUE is a safe and effective Hair Transplant Treatment .It is the popular cosmetic surgery across the world.

Benefits of FUE Treatment

1) Natural looking hair

2) Minimal appearance of scarring

3) Minimal downtime

4) Local anaesthesia

5) Natural Hairline

6) No pain

7) No discomfort

8) Fast recovery

At Celestee Skin, Hair and Laser clinic you experience well trained and experienced team of professionals who are carrying FUE Hair Transplant Treatments since 14 years. To enquire about your queries regarding Hair fall and Hair Loss you can have a free consultation at our clinic .In this consultation we will examine your health conditions ,hair loss history and other preliminary things and suggest the best one for you.


Hair Fall Solution

Hair fall is the most well-known reason for anguish in both male and female. It is very baffling to brush your hair and discover heaps of hair strands snared in it. Hair is a significant resource of the body which is in charge of giving different appearances to the person. Hair fall influences the noticeable appearance as well as prompts lost connections and love. With an individual appearance in risk, the individual beginnings feeling discouraged.


So as to dodge this, when hair begins to fall, it turns out to be critical to counsel a hair fall pro specialist at some propelled hair fall focus to beat such issue.